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Become a supporter!

This is an option for those that wish to directly support my entire body of work.

My body of work is of different value than what buying merchandise can provide, especially considering that I only receive a fraction of the proceeds.


Instead of increasing the prices of merchandise and pushing to sell them as mere objects (which enables the trade-off of monetary value over what the work means), I've decided to open this channel of support. Through this, you may offer as much wish, in accordance with how valuable my work is to you, personally.

You are not obligated to support me, but know that if you do, you're not only demonstrating that my work means something to you, but also demonstrating how much my work has impacted you -- and it would be these two things that mean more to me than anything else.


Should you ever decide to use this channel to support me and what I do, know that it would also be people like you that give all creators the chance to express their innermost ideal without fear of it going unrewarded.

Thanks for reading and I hope you keep me in consideration!


Thank you for your benevolence!