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  • Access to all future sets of presentations

  • Downloadable videos, transcripts, audio, images, and art

  • Start leveraging the information toward your own ends through high-quality advising

Dive in. Grab what you want. Bounce.

* Since digital content cannot be returned, there are no refunds.

Here's what others have to say

I used to feel lost and lacked the motivation to pursue my goals, but the program helped me see things in a different light. Branden's philosophy helped me regain my identity and fueled my creativity. On some days I remind myself of the tree metaphor he sent me; that the environment in my childhood might have deformed my "tree" but it will still grow in the direction it was meant to if I allow it to. Whenever I catch myself thinking about the past and wallowing in self-pity, I try to think about the tree, and it helps me gain control over whatever has triggered it in that moment. The past may hurt and haunt me still, but I have the power to keep it from changing me or my future. In both my social life and my career, I tell myself that my "tree" will thrive because I will make it so.

Alex Villarino

I was already aware that I had a few problem areas in my creative journey but working with Branden made me realize I could not tackle every problem all at once. He helped me work through my chronic workaholism and be more graceful with myself. I enjoyed the process. It felt quite natural and enriching. With this, I fully recommend a long-term subscription to his service. It's like a gift that keeps on giving.

Therene Quijano

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