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“If only I could hear them whisper.”

Melancholy upon facing the loss of another. The object of one’s affection is consigned to be memory – the inevitable fate of many. What do you do to cope with such a loss? How will you come to confront the end of the things you cherish?


“Soon, it awakens.”

It all its elegance, it stands dormant, seemingly near completion. The finest construction man has ever made and the harbinger of what would, no doubt, be an eternal war.


“A divergent hope.”

An orb is lifted to unleash, or absorb, a dark substance. In this act, something different erupts from the side, escaping to enter the ether. New qualities are rendered and the world shudders in its appearance. Why here? Why now? Is it a positive omen? A negative one? Or, more worrying, something truly ineffable?

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