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The price progresses in stages and varies by project complexity.


$25 - $50

Base stage.

We'll have a conversation about your project and take a detailed look at its ultimate purpose, direction, and how it's structured. You'll receive detailed feedback on these aspects and important questions to answer about your project.


+$50 - $100

Second stage.

Requires Analysis.

I work with you further to answer the questions raised during the Analysis stage, painting a clear path for your project. You get actionable steps to take with your project, often in relation to direct execution and completion.


+$200 or more

Final stage.

Requires Analysis

and Strategy.

With my expertise in illustration, print, publication, merch, and web design, and video production, I'll work to complete one of the actionable steps with you.


The Analysis and Strategy will both be kept in mind and I will stay in close contact with you to make sure it's progressing in the way you want the Solution to progress.


Each actionable step provided from the Strategy is one Solution. The more complex the Solution requirements are, the higher the price for that specific Solution, and the more complex the Project is, the more actionable steps there may be in order to complete the project.


Your project's final price depends on its requirements, its complexity and the expertise required for me to work towards its completion.

All prices are paid upfront before any work is done. Payments are sent through invoice, where you may pay through your preferred method.

You may decide if you want to pay for each stage individually, or for the full price.


You can expect the completion of a project to be within 2 weeks after the Strategy stage.


How long a project takes depends on what needs to be done to finish the project, my current workload, and how fast we communicate. If a project is complex, expect the time frame to be extended. However, communication about the development of a Solution will continue.


I respond within 24 hours through email, but if you want to communicate faster, I'm always open to alternatives.


You may cancel your project at any stage, at your discretion. However, purchases are final. There are no refunds for any stage.

If you end the project while in the middle of the completion of a Solution, then you'll receive the project as it is.

Start building your world.