The world is complete, emergent and dynamic.

The world is in a state of constant becoming.

My work seeks to reflect the world.

Through meaningful design, I explore nature, humanity, perception, consciousness, the universe and absolute divinity, successfully conveying these themes throughout my work, in a myriad of media forms, for all to enjoy and experience.


My work is where one may come to understand their own nature and purposefully reflect the power and majesty of the world, through their own, willful becoming, shaping themselves and the world around them.

It is through my work where one may aspire to become the world, and ultimately, resonate with it.


What on Earth possessed you to start all of this?

Well, it started with a world setting I made in an off-shoot system of Dungeons & Dragons back in 2017. The story started off rather typical, but after running it for about a year, it evolved into something very emotional (that's not an overstatement - it made one of my players cry at one point, and myself definitely more than once) and very special.

After the game concluded, I thought to myself (and told a few others): "You know what? All of this was good. I'm going to do something with it. And it's going to be even better." The "better" part is debatable for the time being, but there's no doubt that the project has lead to the creation of something even more deep and meaningful.

What do you derive inspiration from now?

A myriad of artists and world settings in terms of visual design. Video games were the main influences here, with Dark Souls and Bloodborne being at the top. They're also what reignited my interest in philosophy, which would be one of the core things I use as fuel for the concepts I base my work around.


Psychology and philosophy, along with the worldview and philosophies of a handful of writers, are even larger forms of inspiration. Ludwig Wittgenstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Joseph Campbell, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung and Pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus all come to mind.

How long have you been creating?

I've been writing since I've gotten interested in Dungeons & Dragons (sometime around 2014). I've been drawing my entire life, however, I didn't dedicate myself to focused improvement until I was around 15 years old.

​Did you go to school to refine your craft?

That was certainly my intention. I went to college for graphic design, primarily, also choosing to minor in illustration. While I did learn quite a bit for the year and a half I was there, I wasn't actually able to continue. Good thing, too - turns out I would've hated graphic design.

What tools/programs do you use to create?

I primarily use Photoshop when it comes to drawing. As of right now, my tablet of choice is an UGEE M708 - simple and gets the job done. Whenever I need to do video editing, I use DaVinci Resolve. And finally, writing... Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Notepad... It really doesn't matter. Anything I can use to put my thoughts down.

May I use your art for ... ?

I won't have any issue with you sharing or using my work, since the vast majority of it is free for public viewing. Social media, your own website, videos, music album covers, etc - all of those are fine as long as you give proper credit and to contact me through one of my social media platforms or through email before you use it.

However, what you may not do is sell or monetize my work in any form. This includes T-Shirts, mugs, prints, phone cases, digital wallpapers and other forms of paid distribution.

If you are monetizing your work and are using my art in any way, reach out to me here before using any of my work.

What's your next step? What is the end goal?

There is no definitive next step. I will continue to build upon my work and branch out into different paths, as the desire arises. The "end goal," it is to simply inspire others so that these ideas may continue to spread. I believe them to be important for not only the well-being of the individual, but also the well-being of humankind. As insignificant as my efforts may be, a small impact is not 'zero.'