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The Topology

Although the breadth of the Cosmos is, for all intents and purposes, infinite, there is a defined structure to it. It is broken down into layers, radiating from a central point, into a dense body of material, filled with cavernous ruins and outward into a dark, infinite sea. The spatial relations of these layers are paradoxical, as they fold and expand unto themselves, but simultaneously remain consistent.

The Center of the World
The Cosmos [Edited]


Resting in the center of the Cosmos is a stellar mass whose light flows through the world, as well as all astra within, commonly referred to as “O”. Its light pushes outwards, shifting the world around it, as it allows the continuous circulation of physical material, metaphysical change and structural energy, allowing for the Cosmos to be cyclical and renewable.

O also serves as a reflection of the world’s own identity and thus something to emulate - the core of its own independent desires. This also lends itself to the entities within the system, the astra, specifically. It is representative of the thing that all astra fundamentally lack, that is, a distinct “wholeness.” The visual qualities of an astra is reflected through a specific wavelength and it is this wavelength that denotes their intrinsic character. Due to the light O radiates, all astra and their respective realms possess a specific chromatic quality, all equally powerful.


There are three realms, each one belonging to the three respective Absolutes: space, time and void. The realms rest adjacent to one another in ever-shifting, organic shapes. Each realm holds three layers, called domains, and they are organized in slightly different layouts; however, the general properties of these layers - of these domains - remain the same.


The primary domain is the closest to the center of the world, whilst also acting as the “surface.” It houses the primary caste that (in)directly claims dominion over the entire realm, as they are able to consciously shift and mold the movements and direction of the entire realm in order to fit their own desire. They are not able to shift the individual parts and “lower domains” to such a degree, only the entire whole.


The auxiliary domain is not so much a layer, but instead a series of hollowed “veins.” They are the fractures found in between the first and third layer of the Cosmos - a place that contains the Abyss. It houses the auxiliary caste, astra inherently attuned to this entropic force. They would be the ones directly responsible for the expansion of the Abyss within the world as they work to bring about its demise, (un)wittingly subservient to this destructive force.


The tertiary domain acts as the membrane that not only gives shape to the world, but also to keep the Abyss from flooding into it. It houses the tertiary caste, oppressed and subjugated by the ones above them. This layer and all astra within it, collectively act as the sole foundation of the realm they inhabit. They intrinsically fulfill their duty as the barrier between existence and obliteration, unaware of the horror that awaits just outside of their perception.

Realms & Domains


(pronounced "YIN")

Being a realm of physicality, its domains are stacked on top of another another in order of proper hierarchy (primary, auxiliary and tertiary), possessing defined, spatial relations between different points in a three-dimensional space. One is able to travel to and from these different points by willing their physical form to move through the world, as the realm is one cohesive chunk of material.

◉ [Yhn, Realm of Space]
Domain of Dragons.jpg


A bleak and desolate place filled with strife and perpetual struggle. Plateaus threaten to tear open the sky, with valleys that reach near-infinite depths. Bridging these masses of land would be threaded limbs of matter, all with varying degrees of thickness. The sky is porous, cavernous, bleeding, screaming, as all of the inhabitants have made attempts to penetrate the sky to reach the center of the world for the sole purpose of consuming it.

Domain of Dragons
Domain of Serpents.jpg


Deep below the surface, the threaded limbs that keep the land stitched together eventually fall away, along with the light of O. The gnarled cliff faces that make up this new environment are riddled with cavernous, misshapen holes. The inhabitants reside within these crevices, forming new ones every so often - all of varying size and shape. They allow the Abyss to pass into their domain in controlled bursts, in an attempt to build resistance to it and mold it to their whim.

Domain of Serpents
Domain of Worms.jpg


Venturing beyond even the previous domain, one will find the space between the masses of land open up into a vast, open cavern. Here, the land is foul, rotted and pungent - streams, rivers and ponds of ichor permeate the wasteland. The ichor comes from the ceaseless duels incited on the first layer of the realm, as it eventually makes its way down to the bottom. The inhabitants are often found around these bodies of ichor, in hopes that imbibing enough of it will cure them of pitiful condition.

Domain of Worms
✦ [Iyllr, Realm of Time]


(pronounced "IL - eer")

The primary and tertiary domains are superimposed on top of each other as they both spiral and churn uncontrollably into increasingly greater forms of complexity. Dissecting and dividing the causal eventualities unveils the tertiary domain, where true spontaneity and chaos resides, especially when compared to the primary domain. The act of division presents a temporary opening into the auxiliary domain, by virtue of now having two or more disparate elements - a contrast, and thus, the assignment of value.

Domain of Fate.jpg


A chromatic expanse awash with abstraction and prismatic light. The environment constantly overlaps and overwrites itself, as it leaves behind previous impressions of past instances of itself. There is a distinct lack of depth in this domain, yet simultaneously, a metaphysical and intuitive dimensionality caused by multiple series of events. All states of being of this domain that have happened, could have happened and potentially will happen are on display for the inhabitants to gaze upon, dissect and discern causal truth.

Domain of Fate
Domain of Reflection.jpg


Piercing the veil of causal abstraction, one would find an open environment of contrast. Vertical columns of light are strewn about a murky darkness as wisps flicker in and out of being. The radiance from the lights would reveal a chromatic quality of the domain, similar to that of the light of O, but certainly nowhere near as potent or far-reaching. Groups of inhabitants spiral around these pillars of light, as they siphon and meld the Abyss into their own inner abstraction - reflections from the primary and tertiary domains, as well as their own experience, into a concentrated form - the emulation of a personal star.

Domain of Reflection
Domain of Genesis.jpg


Beyond the barrier of causality lies a dreamscape, a sea of abstraction that twists, winds and unravels, turning without any true pattern or sense of order. Being on the opposite side of the primary domain, it is almost a perfect mirror to it; however, it undulates and transitions through periods of chaos and definitive imagery, neither of which ever lasting for extended periods of time - if even for a single moment. The inhabitants flow through this realm, indiscernible from their surroundings as they, too, shift and generate different forms from their own becoming, forever lost in the madness (and clarity) of ceaseless creation.

Domain of Genesis
◭ [Anlyth, Realm of Void]


(pronounced "AN - lith")

All three domains exist within the same dimensional field, however the tertiary domain is used as the “surface.” The portals between the different domains are found within each individual inhabitant, with the auxiliary domain functioning as a metaphysical bridge between all of them. It is through this that one would be able to reach the primary domain, which ultimately functions as the center of the entire realm.

Domain of Clarity.jpg


Being the most difficult realm to reach through means outside of the inhabitants themselves, it is a silent, pallid background of almost complete stillness, save for the shards of a refractive ether that make themselves apparent by their steady rotation. These shards drift around and congregate towards a large mass in the center of the domain, reflective of O, but fractured and incomplete. The inhabitants of the domain all orbit around this mass, as they attempt to bring this reflection of O closer to completion.

Domain of Clarity
Domain of Noise
Domain of Noise.jpg


“Surrounding” the primary domain, would be a series of interconnected tunnels, all overlapping one another to form a cohesive background - an invisible web in a black sea. The ends of the web are tethered to the primary and tertiary domains, enabling instantaneous travel for the inhabitants of the auxiliary domain. Having attuned themselves almost seamlessly with the Abyss, they, and thus the domain, functions as a conduit for raw information.

Domain of Silence.jpg


On the “outside” of the other two domains, resides a vast wave field of darkness and an open sky. This wave, composed of flux -- a dense, energetic fluid - is distinguished by many vague forms, innumerable and at an indiscernible distance from one another. The inhabitants of the domain, motionless and ever-vigilant, function as the perceptive organs and stalwart guardians of the primary domain and its inhabitants.

Domain of Silence


The boundless expanse beyond the world that coexisted with One upon its inception. In contrast to the center, whose properties are of positive, perpetual growth, the Abyss is a negative force of oppressive suffocation. It constricts the world, trying to push itself into it in order to extinguish its inner light - the light of O.

Its influence continuously warps and shatters the world, being the main culprit of One’s subsequent division and distortion from the Absolutes and into the realms, Spheres, castes and finally every individual astra. It will continue to disperse the various elements of the world until there is nothing left, aside from itself.

Once this occurs, the Cosmos will come to an indefinite end.

[The Abyss]
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