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The Dynamics

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Because the Abyss places great stress upon the Cosmos, while the central star, O, continues to create a cyclical evolution of the world, fundamental patterns, caused by the distortions this entropic force generates, begin to emerge. These patterns created the various relationships between the different castes in the world, not only being based on the positioning of their respective fragments, but also the Sphere an astra inhabits.

[Intercaste Relations]


The influence of the castes transcend the bounds of their own respective realms and domains, often leading to conflict and disparity between the different castes. The chart below displays the relationship of these castes and how they directly impact one another.

Astral Dynamics - Labels.jpg
The Primary Castes


These astra reside within a primary domain and actively suppress their Sphere’s tertiary caste, actively preventing said caste from sliding into chaos, and thus, also saving themselves from falling into ruin. They are the closest to O in terms of proximity and strive to achieve it in some capacity, be it spatially, temporally or symbolically. These astra are antagonistic towards their primary Sphere’s nemesis and actively disrupt their efforts of achieving O, but it’s never intentional. Their antithetical nature greatly influences their nemesis on a fundamental level, often leading to a brief, but immense, spatial, temporal or energetic disruption. The nemesis in question is overwhelmed by such a powerful presence of their tertiary fragment - something that they, themselves, tend to always lack.


[ Body ∙ Mind ∙ Soul ]

The constant war and strife with the members of their own caste disrupts the Byneur and their efforts of assembling an absolute chronology of the world, their violent thrashing often ripping holes in their domain. At best, the Byneur would be tasked with trying to restructure their domain to repair the holes, at worst, it leads to a number of Kyn flooding into it. The Kyn continue their campaign of tyranny against one another, as well as any perceived challenge in the domain, leading to the violent, but temporary, scattering of a great number of Byneur. The effects of their destruction spreads throughout the realm like a malignant cancer, until it becomes too heavy to support its own existence in the domain. The Kyn fall back out, ripping another hole in the background and the Byneur are left to recover from the damages.


[ Mind ∙ Soul ∙ Body ]

The temporal realignment that the Byneur employs proves to be troublesome to the atemporal nature of the energetic field that constitutes the Domain of Clarity - home of the Aril. Instead of their individual points being on the “same” temporal field, they are often forced to be where the Byneur believes they should be, leading to a fundamental restructuring, and at times, a severe fragmentation of the boundaries between their domains. This causes a number of Byneur to briefly appear within the Aril’s domain, leading to the same phenomenon that scattered the boundaries to occur to the Aril. Being in the presence of the Byneur, their innate geometry temporarily becomes reorganized into something distinctly different, rendering them (and their entire realm) completely nonfunctional for some period of time.


[ Soul ∙ Body ∙ Mind ]

With sovereignty over the energies that constitute all astra, they are especially problematic for the Kyn. The Aril hone in on the “weaker points” within the tapestry and do well to reallocate their energy to bolster the other points to an even level. The Aril are opposed to leaving the safety of their domain, but are just as able to breach beyond the boundaries by using the Niil as a medium. With the Kyn having a comparatively weaker connection between the other points in the tapestry, the Aril can, without effort, sunder the point, allocating their energetic and symbolic parts to other, lacking areas in the tapestry, or more specifically, their replication of O. This results in the Kyn being rendered completely inert. Kyn are then discarded from the Domain of Clarity and are returned to their own domain as an impotent statue until their Soul is returned to them by the inevitable folly of the Aril themselves.


These astra inhabit an auxiliary domain and are supplemental to their Sphere’s primary caste. They are actively hostile towards their primary caste’s antagonizer in order to maintain the integrity of their own domain. Being conceived within the dark, oppressive channels that run underneath the surface of the world, the astra of the auxiliary caste are also puppeteered by a foreign, external darkness, the Abyss, which ultimately inverts their sensibilities. Instead of distancing themselves from their tertiary fragment, they instead attack it with immutable aggression whenever it becomes too present. The light of O resides within them and it serves only as an ideal that they strive to achieve. Unlike those a part of the primary castes, they are unable to see the true manifestation of O high above the surface of their realm, instead recognizing it to be something within them that must be tapped into, and eventually, unlocked.


[ Mind ∙ Soul ∙ Body ]

The threat of rupturing the Domain of Fate rouses the Etier from their state of deep reflection. They organize themselves in small groups of those that share their fundamental judgments and shine through the smallest tear in the boundaries of the domain, shimmering into the Kyn’s domain. Divine fury is unleashed upon the Kyn, as well as their domain, as they release a concentrated ray of judgment and division, leaving behind a searing, blackened trail of destruction. Kyn are unraveled and stripped down into their fundamental elements and axiomatic values, having the potential to permanently disrupt them as their now severed Mind would not be able to reconcile the differences between, nor bind together, their Body and Soul.


[ Soul ∙ Body ∙ Mind ]

The dismemberment of the Domain of Clarity leads to not only the disruption of the entire realm, but also the adjourning of the End. The Niil are willed forth to negate the temporal anomalies and smother the cause of the autonomous reorganization - the Byneur. With the ability to rip open gateways between different realms and domains comes the ability to abduct other astra. Though, instead of delivering the Byneur to the Domain of Clarity, they are abducted and abandoned in the Domain of Noise. In such a desolate, atemporal place, the Byneur would have nothing to structure, nor would they have any sense of the passage of time. They would soon come to lack any and all connection to time, sundering their Soul fragment and subsequently scattering the bridge between their Mind and Body.


[ Body ∙ Mind ∙ Soul ]

The displacement and sudden negation of symbolic energy in the Domain of Dragons produces a physical ripple that can be felt and seen throughout the realm, drawing the ire of the Vynr. They use the entropic force that surrounds them to burrow into the darkness, honing in on the new, spatial location of the displaced matter and physically pull themselves toward it. The boundary between their own domain and the Aril’s domain is breached and seeing such objects of symbolic wholeness, they lash out with great ferocity. They will the darkness from the tunnel they emerged from, buffeting the Aril with an onslaught of despotic force. The weight of the Abyss violently shatters the Aril, with the potential to render them permanently disabled. Without the stability of the Body, the Aril is unable to intuitively convey the Soul, nor Mind.

The Auxiliary Castes
The Tertiary Castes


These astra inhabit a tertiary domain, and are the primary line of defense when warding against the Abyss and those associated with the Abyss, specifically, those within the auxiliary caste that prey upon the primary caste of their respective Sphere. Despite being at the bottom of the hierarchy, those in the tertiary caste contain the greatest amount of potential and a nigh infinite well of power and resilience. These astra are driven by the influence of the primary caste in one way or another and have since grown to become dependent on their influence. Without the constant pressure of the primary caste and the oppressive force of the Abyss, they would rapidly expand and claim dominion over their respective realms due to the amount of inertia these castes possess. Unfortunately, they are completely unaware of O’s light. Above and below their own domain, these castes are only able to see an ominous and impenetrable darkness that further incentivizes them to remain as they are, ignorant of what awaits beyond them.


[ Body ∙ Mind ∙ Soul ]

The axiomatic division brought about by the Etier is often completely negated by the Synr and their propensity towards purity. In the presence of the Synr, the Etier are exposed to something which they may never come to possess - a form of authenticity that transcends even their greatest display of virtue. This form of authenticity triggers a powerful response within the offending Etier - the understanding, expansion, and solidification of their tertiary fragment - the Body. Physicality is moved from the well of physicality that the Synr possess and is forced upon the Etier, thrusting them back into their realm and flinging them into a state of aberrant reflection. The reflection of the concrete and physical forms that constitute all and the intrinsic value that these forms possess; no form should be the subject of division. The will of the Etier determines whether they are flung into the depths of their dismay or if they emerge from their reflection, more experienced.


[ Mind ∙ Soul ∙ Body ]

Abyssal gateways spawned by the Niil are met with great resistance as they cross between their own domain and the Domain of Fate, as it is intertwined with the Domain of Genesis - the domain of the Thyren. The gateways shimmer out of being, becoming nothing more than a shimmering abstraction, as the Niil, too, are forced to experience the same fate - the unmaking and remaking of themselves. Antithetical to their desire for oblivion, they are forced to confront a seemingly endless state of rebirth and evolution, perceiving a myriad of different perspectives and experiences, of both suffering and that of bliss. The experience of many existences brings the Niil to a state of dismay, but if its will endures, the Niil inevitably reforms from the sea of chaos, alongside a gateway that animates its departure and it is left to its intuitive behavior once again, in silence. It has exited the dreamstate, more at ease with its existence, and thus more experienced.


[ Soul ∙ Body ∙ Mind ]

The weight of the Abyss attempting to rip through the boundaries of Anlyth rouses the Tnil from their state of inactivity and they rush to surround and contain the dark mass. As the concavity grows by the stress placed upon the realm by the Vynr, it is slowly broken by the Tnil and vigorously dissolved, along with the Vynr inside of it. This rapid atomization consumes the Vynr. Still cognizant of every piece of matter that constitutes their form, they are made aware of what they are - a unified entity composed of material, each part with a certain purpose. They come to understand the experience of total absence and the absolute deprivation of their physical form, no longer feeling what drives them forward - their suffering and the pleasure they derive from it. Being in between existence brings about a state of dismay as they continue to scatter into nothingness, but should they persevere, they eventually will themselves into a single entity once again, being discharged back into their own domain. Now more aware of the smallest parts of themselves, their purpose, and of those around them, the Vynr emerges more experienced.

[The Experience of...]
The Ascent


The fragments an astra possesses can be developed over the course of their existence, but many continue on with their inherent state of being and many refrain from doing so, even if they come to intuitively understand how they would be able to transcend and overcome their own existence.


The great unknown is a boundless frontier, but with great, immutable willpower, one is able to navigate it like the domain that they were conceived within. The only way to achieve this is to embrace the antithesis of their primary fragment - the tertiary fragment - to reconcile themselves and achieve a state of wholeness. The road to this state of wholeness is long and arduous, but those that walk it will be able to obtain freedom from the cyclical nature of the world and perhaps even what lies beyond.


All astra must advance through a gradient scale of awareness and are prone to lose progress, whether it's from struggling with their own dismay, or conflict between the different castes that may result in the fracturing of their fragments or a permanent demise. Should one persist through the tragedy that is existence, they will reach the highest point of ascension and achieve absolute wholeness and soon afterward, a state of apotheosis - Transcendence.

The Ascent.jpg

As an astra gains more experience, the influence that the fragments have over their very being becomes increasingly less apparent, making them more difficult to disrupt and destroy, even when directly and aggressively exposed to the fragment that directly opposes their primary one. Some even become experienced enough to overwhelm the other fragments of their aggressor, potentially destroying them in the process.

The Awakened. A flicker of light that exploded forth into a state of primal awareness - a diminutive consciousness. Being newly formed, the astra totters around, lost and only barely aware of itself, responding only to what immediately impacts it in regards to its primary fragment.

The Ravenous. An astra that is hungry to satiate their unbearable desire, but unaware as to how they can, or why they desire it in the first place. Their primary fragment is heavily dominant, while the auxiliary and tertiary are only barely present.


The Passionate. The astra recognizes how they could reach the object of their desire, barreling toward it with extreme, single-minded focus. This leads to frequent bouts of dismay and a high risk for permanent destruction through overwhelming their tertiary fragment or contesting a more experienced astra, making it the highest point most astra will ever reach.


The Intrepid. The astra engages in directed behaviors that will maximize their growth in an attempt to reach their object of desire in the most efficient way possible. They continue to battle with expressions of their tertiary fragment, but they are often mitigated by controlling their exposure to it.


The Vigilant. They become aware of the nature of their desire and understand that there might be something else beyond it once it is finally achieved, but as to what that is, they can’t even begin to know. Their fragments are at a degree of maturity, making further growth increasingly difficult.


The Astute. The astra holds a sharp vision of what’s to come - something inevitable and exceptionally bleak and they will be the first to experience it. Here, most astra will experience a slow descent into a long period of dismay. This is the point where most astra fade away, as they often never return from their state of dormancy.


The Enlightened. An astra that has reawakened finds themselves forever changed. They see that the world still remains and they rise above their vision of a bleak future, now seeing a distant, but clear vision of hope and beauty. They see the cycles of the world and embrace their existence within these cycles. Their fragments are reconstituted and grow in strength and vigor, each now understood, nearly to their greatest depths.


The Tranquil. The astra becomes fully aware of their own nature, of all others beyond their realm and of each of their places within the Cosmos. The world, once thought to be a stagnant and “doomed system,” is evolving into something new - something absolutely beautiful. The end rapidly approaches, but it was meant to be all along. Their fragments are all equal in strength and they become a paragon of indomitable being.


The Complete. The astra awakens and becomes aware that they are the sum of many fragmented pieces. They have always been whole. They are the world, within and without. Their fragments harmonize, finally in perfect balance and all fragments in the world are aligned in accordance to their own. They are aware of all that have preceded them and know, with absolute certainty, of what will come after. This immediately triggers the state of Transcendence, where they shape the world in accordance to what it must become.


Should an astra be overwhelmed by the immense presence of their own tertiary fragment, they will be torn asunder. Their fragments are deconstructed and returned to O in order to be cycled back into the world to aid in the awakening of new astra.


The consciousness that constituted this previous astra is scattered amongst those newly awakened, creating distant, intuitive memories of what preceded them.


They may unconsciously take the same path their progenitor may have taken, or even be complete reincarnations of them, but it will not be fully realized until they become Complete, and finally, Transcend.

Home - Gradient 2


The astra sees the weight of their form is intertwined with the fabric of the Cosmos - a simple movement is enough to influence the entire system, and so they do, with innate and powerful will, coupled with a purpose most resolute. When an astra’s three fragments work in perfect harmony, they transcend and forever reject their inner nature as they now perceive the world through the fragments of all astra, cognizant of all that exists. Soon, they become a manifestation of what preceded their existence. Once a single astra achieves this state of Transcendence, the very act will lift others up alongside them and they, too, will achieve the same state.


Fully developing Soul would enable them to conjoin and consolidate power amongst their caste, into a single, unstoppable mass that acts both with absolute autonomy and perfect harmony with its individual parts. They become a singular, all-inclusive unit of spatial mastery.


Kyn. When O is consumed, they submit themselves to it, enabling them both to work in perfect harmony. The dragon lifts its fellow Kyn higher, allowing them all to finally partake in the feast of what is truly divine.

Vynr. The core of their very being unfurls, revealing a light most divine. The entropic force, now one with the serpent, takes hold of the others and unmasks their inner brilliance and a wave of absolute sublimity consumes the realm.


Synr. It generates its own ichor, sweeter and completely purified of the enthralling corruption that led to the suffering of its fellow members. The worm becomes a breadth of matter, whose purity cleanses all that it happens to touch.


Reconciling their aversion to Body would allow greater physical impact upon the world and create solid forms within their realms of abstraction, thus allowing perfect simulation of cause and effect and enabling them to become definitive, and ultimately objective. They become a paragon and arbiter of time itself.


Byneur. The events of the world are perfectly reconstructed and is displayed again from start to finish, for all astra to see. From the inception of the world, to the final moment of its existence, all astra come to simultaneously experience the fate of the previous world and creation of the next.


Etier. A nova erupts and light washes over the realm, piercing through all entities in the world and infinitely reflecting upon the shards of value each entity possesses. Judgment of the world has been made - it is now a world of immutable virtue.


Thyren. Chaos begets a new, mysterious form that grows and acts of its own accord, independent of the Thyren. The genesis rapidly expands as they mimic its form, merging with the wealth of expressions born from the cascade of emerging abstractions.


With full awareness of the Mind, they would possess multiple reference points and a distinct awareness of their own subjective experience, enabling them to act independently, whilst also sharing vast amounts of information between the interconnected system they're bound to, seamlessly. They become an interchangeable field of energy that connects all symbols between one another - a depthless ocean of power.


Aril. The replicant of O is complete and the connection between it and O becomes unbreakable and perfect clarity is achieved. A series of lines extend from the replicant and tethers all entities together into a single field, where all can finally be united.


Niil. They embrace the paradox, becoming a gateway that begets an infinite series of gateways within and outside of itself. The aberrant curvature of the tapestry nullifies itself, bringing the cessation of the noise that was once thought to be absurd.


Tnil. A wave undulates with unparalleled vigor, resonating with an intensity that rebounds the particles into themselves, individually. The violent, hyperactive wave of excitement rapidly approaches a state of harmonic silence, becoming a font of unlimited power.

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