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The Astra

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Further fluctuations and inconsistencies within the realms, in conjunction to the will of One, gave rise to astra. Each an individual, but nonetheless, a part of their respective realms and domains. A sphere refers to the astra that typically inhabit a singular realm, while a caste refers to the specific type of astra that arose from the conditions of a specific domain - one of three layers found within a single realm.


Each individual astra possesses a desire that pertains to the caste they are a part of. This desire functions on an axis between two extremes - positive and negative. The positive manifests as their source of expression within the world and how they actively achieve what they desire, while the negative serves as what they avoid and may succumb to should they fail at achieving what they desire. In order to escape the ceaseless descent into overwhelming dismay, the astra must manifest the antithetical, tertiary fragment, which would launch them back into normal levels of functionality.


(Pronounced "YIN - meer - ee")

Descendants from the Absolute of Space, the Yhnmyri inhabit the bleak and dreaded mountains and caverns of Yhn, a realm of physicality, characterized by its perpetual strife, violence and struggle. Reflecting the physicality of their realm, the appearance of the Yhnmyri is wicked, draconian and quite varied in their shape, size and brutality. Some would resemble a bestial serpent with an identifiable and symmetrical form, while others, a frothing mass of miscellaneous appendages and openings.


Yhnmyri possess a propensity towards forms of power and dominion over the domain they inhabit. Being primarily spatial entities, holding an inclination towards mass, density and sheer breadth of physical material, they are by far the most numerous out of the other Spheres, which also lends itself to this inclination towards power and dominion.


The Yhnmyri prioritizes the Body fragment - physicality, aggression and vigor are of utmost importance. Following this, the Mind fragment takes precedence, creating a degree of awareness and understanding of temporal events, specifically, the present and the future, with minimal regard towards the events that led up to where they currently, temporally reside. Finally, the Soul fragment creates a distinct lack of harmony and “oneness” between its members, creating that distinct disparity between the astra that inhabit the realm.


(pronounced “KIN”) ​

A collection of elemental substance coalesces into a mass bearing enormous weight. Numerous, burning holes are formed, and soon stare, looking up towards the sky with great avarice, unblinking and fixated upon the brilliant mass in the sky. Unbound by the weight that bound them before, the entity, with unparalleled aggression, surges forth, unleashing immense and overwhelming fury upon the sky that now binds them and upon any being that wishes to stand in between these two forces. The mass will be consumed and all bear witness to absolute majesty.


Their visage and outward appearance matches their innermost aggression - draconian and bestial. Kyn tear their opposition asunder with wicked tendrils and with their inherent mastery over Body they’re able to physically extend their destructive range in an omni-directional and nigh infinite reach. Their physical composition simultaneously behaves as a dense and durable solid, and should they will it to be so, a mercurial fluid - granting them both an unyielding force of presence as well as adaptable, flowing movement through their environment.


01. [Sigil] of Power.png
The Axis of Power [ Domination  Submission ]

All Kyn actively seek power. Their main method of achieving it is through the subjugation of all other entities within their realm and grand displays of mastery, authority and influence over others outside of it, where and whenever possible. A power hierarchy is even established within their domain, with each Kyn desperately trying to avoid being at the bottom of the hierarchy, whilst trying to reach the top of it. They will compare their own respective might against other Kyn in a ferocious dance of grace, beauty and destruction, as the adjacent realms shift and rupture from the force of these conflicts. The victor declares themselves as “stronger” and advances towards “stronger” opposition to match their heightened sense of worth.

Once at the top of the hierarchy, they will find no other challenger that is Kyn, but instead, will find themselves enthralled by the majesty of O, the central star. With their thought-to-be-boundless might, they will rend the sky, in attempts to consume it, but no matter how physically close they try to get to it, it always seems impossibly distant and unreachable. The Kyn is inevitably removed from the apex of the hierarchy by another Kyn, and afterwards, fall, potentially hitting the bottom of the hierarchy. With each fall from a position in the hierarchy comes the chance for the Kyn to experience overwhelming dismay - the concept of submission, antithetical to their desire for conquest and physical majesty.
The Kyn becomes physically inert, a mass of material, indistinguishable from the land they used to roam with unparalleled vigor. They are at the whim of the other, stronger Kyn, masters of the physical form that may command not only themselves, but the physical world around them - something the Kyn in dismay no longer has the will to do. A manifestation of Soul would be required to reanimate the Kyn, namely, through the symbolic connection of another entity, preferably, another Kyn. An act that is highly antithetical to the nature of the Kyn, and perhaps detrimental to the one that invokes the symbolic relations between the Kyn and other entities, but it is, nonetheless, required. Afterwards, the Kyn wills itself forward, specifically to confront the other interrelated entity and, in doing so, rediscover its innermost desire, flinging itself back into the climb to the top for the chance of becoming the divine elite.


(pronounced “VIN-eer”)

Deep within the cavernous wastes beneath the surface of the realm, surrounding material twists and contorts into limbs that converge into a concentrated point. Limbs sprout from the mass as it shudders and quivers at the tension found at the center of its own body. The difference of weight between the darkness that surrounds them and the weight of the immense tension found within them generates a negative well of force. And with this negative force, they will liberate the overwhelming weight that threatens to crush them, finally giving way to something quite beautiful.


Vynr are composed of limbs and appendages that all wrap and converge into a single point. What they lack in physical strength, they make up for with their mastery of and attunement towards negative space. Material is split apart, creating a temporary rift in the world. Despite the brevity of the rift, it often quickly spreads and ripples before finally dissipating, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. With their physical presence being a mixture of positive and negative space, they are highly resistant to their own destructive capabilities, but not entirely immune to prolonged exposure within the Abyss itself.


02. [Sigil] of Lustration.png
The Axis of Lustration [ Perfection  Deficiency ]

Vynr obsessively seek to be free from the limitations of themselves. To do so, they call upon the echoes of the entropic force that surrounds them, allowing it to burrow into themselves to reveal their inner magnificence - absolute perfection. A form of pleasure is derived from the physical deterioration that is inflicted upon them in the process, as they are certain that what they do to themselves will eventually be worth it. They hold great apathy towards other entities within their domain, focusing solely upon themselves. It is when said entity displays a perceived greater form of brilliance that the Vynr around them grow increasingly more sinister. They will twist and push the darkness around and away from each other, sabotaging each other’s progress in hopes of achieving perfection for all to bear witness.
Through some degree of cunning and secrecy, some Vynr get close to reaching this state. The central tension in their bodies loosens and a shimmering brilliance radiates forth, as does a wave of absolute pleasure, relief from this overwhelming tension, but it is almost immediately replaced by a wave of agony - the Abyss threatening to rip them apart. It becomes a contest of endurance. The Vynr’s body reflexively tries to prevent the destruction of itself by closing off the opening, while the Vynr simultaneously tries to retain control over the Abyss to pry itself open even more. Ultimately, the Vynr’s body wills itself shut, the light is extinguished and the agony subsides. The amount of physical damage endured from a failed attempt of ascension places even more physical limitations upon its vessel and a chance for the Vynr to fall prey to overwhelming dismay - a reminder of their ceaseless deficiency.
The Vynr succumbs to the tension in their bodies, folding and compacting into a mass of limbs, unable to pull themselves apart. Its innermost light grows as dark as the cavernous hole they inhabit and the entropic force begins to push and condense the material into an “outer realm” of non-being, until nothing remains in its stead. Invoking power from the Soul fragment and reforging the concept of inner potential would allow their individual force of resistance to reform, as it pushes itself back into the physical world in order to face its own deficiencies with great tenacity. The limbs unfurl and the Vynr would focus upon their weakest extremities, prying them apart slowly as they regain mastery over the Abyss.


(pronounced “SIN-eer”)

The mire thickens, folds and congeals into a solid mass and a pungent, visceral mound crawls forth in great agony. Bile seeps from its pours and abrasions as every whit of its being squeals in unrelenting pain. A single drop of some rapturous ichor distracts the creature from its perpetual anguish, and soon it begins to sup upon this other bile secreted from far, far above. To fully subsume the nectar of the gods would be to purge their foul blight, curing the illness thought to be intrinsically bound to their very being and allowing themselves to simply be, uninhibited by corruption.


Their size, shape and composition varies far greater than any of the other castes. Some may be composed of few appendages, making them diminutive in terms of stature, while others may become large enough to support entire communities of other, larger-sized Synr. Unfortunately, the magnitude of their size is rather inconsequential - they all mostly possess a soft and corpulent composition, making their very being prone to disruption. This is offset by a material they eject into the ether. It seeps from the openings and lesions found on their body, also radiating a pungent mist, making any encroachment upon their space, or even a single part of their domain, terminal. The material corrupts, corrodes and devours all in its wake, ultimately reducing its victims to a mixture of elemental waste.


03. [Sigil] of Vitality.png
The Axis of Vitality [ Purity  Corruption ]

Synr long to have physical potence and to not be tormented by the constant anguish of a tainted vessel, nor a tainted environment. In order to achieve this, they consume the ichor that rains from above, down to the torrid, desolate wastes where they reside. This enables them to purge the putridity found within an entity, reducing the suffering they endure. Being so absorbed in their own experience of poor vitality they care little for the misery of those around them. They may briefly share sympathy with one another, seeming to care for each other’s plight, but when the rain comes, it becomes a maelstrom - a rush to the nearest pool of ichor. They will clamber over the tiniest drop, for even just a single moment of relief - of absolution from their pain.

A pitiful caste they may seem, they hold the greatest potential of the Yhnmyri. A Synr, close to achieving their desire after consuming enough of the ichor, would be, by comparison to others, a paragon of health. They would warrant the attention of other Synr, hungry, pleading for the aid of the one of abundance. The Synr becomes able and willing to support many with their own vitality, but their generosity is exploited by the many. They begin to notice their own vitality weaken and fall further into ruin. Soon enough, every drop of ichor the Synr cultivated is bled dry by the ravenous ones and they take a hideous turn back to their prior state, succumbing to great dismay - the experience of great corruption.

The Synr, in a horrific display, sheds and ejects its outermost layers as a foul miasma spreads from the pungent husk. The gaseous material contaminates the domain, spreading a great plague that corrupts all that it touches. The shriveled, rotted hull crawls back into the ground, layer by layer, leaving behind a black, rancid ring of sludge and a dense, acidic core of pollution. Calling upon the collective suffering of the Synr, including the fate of the one that fell into tragedy will not only revitalize the unraveled Synr, but also condense the smog released by it. Material will wrap around it once again, becoming infused with the sickness that permeated it once again. Its suffering will continue, but perhaps, may yet soon come to an end through its own will.



(pronounced "IL - rith - eer")

Descendants from the Absolute of Time, the Iyllrithr inhabit Iyllr, a realm of dreams and abstraction where all instances of time are equally present, bound together by superimposition and ever-increasing degrees of complexity. The appearance of all Iyllrithr bears a distinct lack of physicality - they are best expressed as wisps or explosions of color. While these forms do frequently take shape, they are not ever consistent or static; their immaterial bodies merging to and continuously drawing from their surroundings.


All Iyllrithr hold a certain disposition towards dissolution and the understanding of not only their own realm, but the collective whole of the world itself. With their perception of temporal events, they directly observe the minutiae of the world, and all of its states of being, discerning them as elements of their respective dichotomies - their respective axes - and organize them into a subjective understanding of the world - a “personal” understanding.


The Iyllrithr prioritizes the Mind fragment - perception, reflection, correspondence of what is discerned within the world is valued above all else. Their auxiliary fragment would be Soul, as they coalesce into groups that share their subjective understanding of the world, often shunning those that do not, as they believe their respective perceptions of the world to be the correct one. Lastly, their weaker orientation towards the Body fragment instills a lack of presence and definitive form for all Iyllrithr - they’re ethereal, weightless and unable to influence the physical world in any significant way.


(pronounced “BIN-yore”)

Causality bends and loops upon itself before imprinting upon and separating from the boundless temporal chaos. The isolated causality becomes a whole and matures into an entity composed of time itself. It becomes aware of the local events that sparked its origin, of itself and where it may be as it progresses forward, being intrinsically bound to all eventuality. Before it, lies a problem of infinite complexity, where a definitive solution must be found, created from the very parts that assembled itself. Once these events are collected, reassembled and organized into a single, cohesive stream, only then will this realm of absurdity be abolished and for veracity to reign supreme.


Despite being entities of decisive order and judgment, Byneur appear no less chaotic than the realm they inhabit. Amidst the vague humanoid form they possess, wreathed in vibrant, prismatic light, lies a spiraling vortex - a solid pit of condensed eventuality. With the perception of all events, comes their capacity to restructure said events, and thus, directly control the past, present and future of the realm in which they reside, as well as the soon-to-be, or previously held states of being other entities possessed or may possess.


04. [Sigil] of Judgment.png
The Axis of Judgment [ Truth  Falsehood ]

Byneur strive to discern an objectively true, linear timeline from the disordered background of temporal events cascading around them. They organize, splice and restructure the sequence of events that led up to where they are now, from a grand scale - specifically, the nature of O and why it’s seemingly atemporal - to the equally maddening scale of the minuscule. Conflicting causalities and events are moved outwards, into the ether, dismissed and discarded as untrue until a series of events are revealed that may prove otherwise. The “objectively true” is placed within the structure of events, retroactively updating the sequence, changing worldly events accordingly. The event corresponds with the preexisting ones, in accordance to the Byneur’s judgment, and the addition and subtraction of other brackets of time follows suit.
The timeline becomes increasingly more complex and absolute, each layer flowing seamlessly into another, in both aspects of scale - the grand and the minuscule. The world and all of its temporal events begin to fit a definitive structure - a narrative - that plays from “start” to “finish.” Something within the ordered sequence, catches the attention of the Byneur. A deep inconsistency hidden behind several layers of the “truth” they had constructed. It all begins to quickly unravel, scatter and spiral out into the chaos once again, potentially leading to an overwhelming sense of dismay - they embody, for just a single moment, what is antithetical to their own mentality. A definitive falsehood.
The Byneur, too, unravels alongside their failed attempt. The vortex of eventuality they possess expands and spirals outwards, shimmering out of being and becoming no less disorganized and chaotic than the domain they inhabit. They now drift along, within the tides of fate, to be used within the constructs that are only doomed to be incorrect in the mind of the now indefinite Byneur. An impression of Body must be placed within the domain of fate, to create a new, concrete form of structure - a new reference point. From there, a series of ordered, consecutive events gives rise to the Byneur once again, its hope for an organized, lawful, systematic world finally restored.


(pronounced “EHT-eer”)

Within the darkness, forms and causalities coalesce and synchronize, often creating a shimmer, a wisp of light. But rare among these wisps of light, comes a brilliant spark, enough to generate a well of light within the dark, oppressive mist. As the light weaves forms of refraction upon itself, the entity drifts towards the column of light that echoes its own radiance - and if no such one exists, it forges one of its own - a great resonance that pierces beyond the veil of dismay! Soon, its purpose is made clear, and with this purpose, the realms beyond will know the grace of their inner brilliance.


Light is the core of the Etier, making them especially cherubic in appearance. Ribbons of chromatic incandescence drift around and form the essence of their being - faint and ephemeral, yet stalwart, resolute and unrelenting. This concentrated mass of light that embodies the Etier is often focused and projected outwards as an aura of indomitable conviction. Entities that do not share the same, or even an adjacent, variety of virtue as the Etier will face the wrath of intense, celestial annihilation. They are stripped away and ultimately reduced to nothing more than axiomatic elements - fundamental qualities that previously composed the entity.


05. [Sigil] of Conviction.png
The Axis of Conviction [ Virtue  Doubt ]

All Etier seek to embody their innermost conviction, which manifests as a well of radiance at the core of their being. In order to fuel the inner flame they possess, the Etier tests the conviction of others, especially of those outside of their realm, in an attempt to find differing and divergent values. By channeling their central flame, they actively divide the expressions that constitute an entity and place judgment upon those values. It is the immediate judgment, division and destruction of these values that emboldens the Etier, as well as the entropic force inside them, that enables the splitting of axiomatic elements within other entities. When their crusade ends, they return to their domain to compare themselves to the pillar of light they were drawn to in their conception and display the newfound strength of their inner light upon the pillar, for reflective judgment of their own subjective virtue.
The light of the Etier almost becomes tangible, the weight of the rays permeating all that it can reach. The Etier becomes increasingly cherubic and whole - an excellent, stellar mass that illuminates the domain and an example for others to follow. However, with the expansion of the light comes the expansion of the dark. The inner shadow darkens and spreads throughout their being and the Etier’s light, too, begins to dim. A blasphemous realization sets in and the Etier weakens in resolve. Should the Etier’s resolve prove to be far too weak, they are prone to give in to overwhelming dismay - doubting the strength and legitimacy of their own conviction, as it mirrors the oppressive darkness they’ve pledged to defeat.
The ribbons of prismatic light spin and trail away from the central light of the Etier as it is smothered by the darkness, leaving behind the flickering spark of an ember, drifting alone in a pitch black abyss. A manifestation of the Body fragment would imprint upon the void a resolute object - one of definitive value to fuel a new light. The ember eventually drifts towards this object, igniting a new passion, thus generating the necessary radiance, strong and indeed brilliant. The ribbons of incandescence are formed once again, colorful and angelic, as the Etier stands ready to test its own conviction and resolve - and that of others - once again.


(pronounced “THEER-ehn”)

A single point expands and explodes into an expression that flourishes further into a blossoming, creative presence. Vivid experience, especially from those of their ilk, gives rise to a loop of perpetual beginning. The shapeless, emergent forms are known to the entity, in all states of becoming and it is the gestalt of these forms that will become what is ultimately true. Though they may not be aware, they ceaselessly attempt to conceive of a world alike their own that moves and becomes something identical to what they and all others experience, but instead, where perpetuity births perpetuity, onwards and forever, for all entities to behold.


There is never any definitive form or pattern when it comes to the Thyren. A shifting chaos forever blossoms into a new form, often markedly different than the one that came before it. Static, unchanging forms are the antithesis of their becoming and something they cannot even begin to experience. Their presence and the subsequent effects it has on its environment is autonomous and transferrable. Entities encroaching upon a Thyren will find themselves conjoining with and being overwritten by the emergent chaos that compose the Thyren itself, their original forms being swept along by the currents of abstraction.


06. [Sigil] of Creation.png
The Axis of Creation [ Emergence  Quiescence ]

Thyren desire to create and explore all states of being through a constant process of becoming. They will themselves to change and shift into new and increasingly divergent forms of being. The act of becoming does not end there - they often split and diverge into different objects and beings altogether, a single Thyren soon becoming an entity of ever-emergent multiplicity, distinctly different from the “whole” they originated from, while still resembling the chaos that surrounds them - the emergent creations of other Thyren. Despite the ceaseless disorder, the Thyren’s desire to create will come to reach a steady apex, whether they’re aware of it or not, through the recreation of all entities in the world, simulated in perfect synchronicity.
To the Thyren, the ether outside of themselves would begin to slow down, as they continue to generate forms that push existing ones out of the way, barely affecting the distant and rather static forms around them. They continue to flood the area, eventually giving themselves to the background of forms, as they play out the events of the creation of the world. However, once the great tragedy is finished, nothing else occurs and the generated world remains as is, a whirlwind of chaos now rendered stiff and inert. The Thyren, a being of becoming, now faces what brings it great dismay - a period quiescence, a nigh indefinite period of creative lethargy.
The ceaseless generation of the Thyren grinds to a halt, seemingly becoming locked in temporal stasis. Their presence, for as long as they remain dormant, becomes atemporal and unable to be perceived or directly interacted with within the temporal sphere; a world rendered almost completely nonexistent. Through use of the Body fragment, an object can be pushed, or perhaps willed into the system and a series of events can give rise to the creation of new expressions once again. The Thyren becomes animated, the stagnant forms around it, beginning to react to the newer, more vivid expressions it generates thereafter and its vivacious, ever-shifting chromatic light returning to it once again.



(pronouncd "AN - lith - uh")

Descendents from the Absolute of Void, the Anlytha inhabit the pallid, tranquil, energetic, dimensional veil that is Anlyth. All Anlytha share a lithe, simplistic and deceptively sturdy stature, with their density, durability, presence and material weight being identical to one another. Their composition is also similar - a translucent crystalline material with varying degrees of opacity, primarily caused by their geometry. Due to the shape and refraction of the non-material, the chromatic value of their outward appearance ranges from a stark, pallid tint to a deep, tenebrous shade.


Anlytha are intrinsically attuned towards the quintessence of the individual and its relation to the energetic, collective whole of all of these individual entities. This attunement creates a mutual understanding and synchronization of the energies found in all astra within their Sphere, as well as the capacity to invoke power from the world, willing themselves forward through the use of symbols. Their innermost harmony and synchronization enables them to collectively act as a single entity - a single consciousness.


The Anlytha prioritizes the Soul fragment - interconnectivity, holistic insight and symbolic power is absolutely paramount. With Body being their auxiliary fragment, they are inclined towards physical structure and organization, preferring to present a definitive and substantial outermost form, giving way to a mystical and dynamic nucleus. The tertiary Mind fragment renders them effectively incapable of discerning past events or future insights, only a barely shifting present.


(pronounced “AAR-il”)

The individual points of the metaphysical lattice of energy shifts, as each fluctuation induces a series of reactions. The points of this field harmonize with another cluster and with their independent will now identical to that of the others, their being becomes concrete. They collectively and continuously experience the inherent bond between all things found within this network and are keen to express this deep, intuitive insight of the world and seek to guide them to it. Soon, all entities will harmonize with one another within the tapestry, equal, transcendent, and finally, absolute.


The composition of an Aril is highly geometric due to the points and interconnecting lines formed from the energetic tapestry from which they are born. Their appearance manifests as a static and deceptively sturdy crystalline material, whose durability is relative and dependent upon the amount of essential, symbolic force one is able to exert upon it, instead of physical. With their very being stemming from a grand system of energetic and symbolic consistency, they hold great power over the tapestry itself and thus all entities tethered to it. Through the power of symbols, the essence of others are disjointed, sundered and re-conjoined into the tapestry, where their individual parts will fit within the energetic field without flaw, ultimately, being assimilated.


07. [Sigil] of Unity.png
The Axis of Unity [ Totality  Incompletion ]

Aril desire complete and total unity of all energetic and symbolic forms. To do this, they provide a general direction for the other astra of their sphere, using them as extensions of themselves to gather the missing and misplaced points in the energetic tapestry. Once gathered, the Aril disrupts and sunders the symbolic composition of the entity and realigns the pieces of these points where they should be along the grid. The remains of the entity are flung into a bedlam state and banished from the realm, often sent back to one they were abducted from. This grid manifests as a crystalline sphere that resembles O itself, but is instead composed of a dense field of points, whose lines connect and form solid, reflective faces, as opposed to it being a solid mass of brilliant light. Because of their inherent attunement to the field and all Anlytha are working in perfect harmony with one another, all of their placements are absolutely correct. It’s only a matter of time until they forge absolute unity.
The more points that are added to the sphere, the more it begins to reflect the light of O, creating a resonance with it. A ray of light begins to come into focus, connecting the construction to the original, and as the Aril continue to work toward their desire, the connection becomes increasingly more clear. Due to their intuitive understanding of the tapestry, they would eventually come to notice that their efforts of complete and total unity are, and seemingly always will be, missing pieces, no matter how many they may try to assimilate into the system. Because of this, and their fixed view of temporal events in the world, they are constantly threatened by an overwhelming state of dismay - a perceived “null” symbol within the tapestry, and thus, a perceived permanent state of incompletion.
In reaction to this, they will themselves into the sphere in an attempt to complete it, to no avail. With pieces of themselves now missing, they become energetically inconsistent and incomplete, degrading into progressively basic geometric shapes until they’re reabsorbed into their domain, with their now “misaligned points” being repositioned inside the tapestry, while the sphere scatters, all of its assimilated points returning to their original vessels. The Mind fragment is what is required to provide a reference point for their present state of being, by enabling them to know what they once were and what must be done to continue their existence. From there, they are ejected from the energetic field and reassembled with their previous sense of purpose. The realm resumes activity after a period of inactivity and the reconstruction of the sphere commences.


(pronounced “NIGH-il”)

The network, and thus the parts that compose it, reach deep into a zone of discordance. The lines warp and curve to delineate a different, definitive form that protrudes outwards from the inherent order of the grid - an anomaly, a contradiction that should not be, yet does, nonetheless. This paradox, still yet attuned to the symbolic tapestry of the world, is aware of the absurdity found in its own existence and actively seeks for it to be nullified and ultimately undone. Entropy beckons them towards an infinite Abyss, where nonexistence is but an absolute.

The geometry of their form is more rounded and sleek, but no more complex than the rest of the astra within their Sphere. Sharing the same degree of rigidity and cohesion as the Aril, they too, share an inherent awareness of the tapestry of symbolic energy, albeit from a different and more aberrant perspective - their very being is a paradox. Because their form compels the lines of the tapestry to bend and curve, they may invoke power from the tapestry to bend them further, causing them to break and produce a gateway that leads from their own domain and into another with great precision. With this, they will hasten the construction of the idealistic tapestry, through which the Abyss softly beckons.


08. [Sigil] of Paradox.png
The Axis of Paradox [ Oblivion  Existence ]

The Niil, constantly aware of their contradictory state of being, desire to be undone. They willingly aid the Aril towards a common goal by using their existentially conflicting geometry to rip open entropic holes in the world for means of transportation between the different realms, appearing directly adjacent to the symbolic signature of another entity. The entity is pulled into the darkness and the gateway is willed shut. By moving said entities from their own domains, into the Niil’s and finally spat out into the Aril’s, they enable the Aril to continue the completion of the sphere, an event that will undoubtedly lead to “the End,” whatever that may entail. Until needed, they wait within the darkness of their domain, internalizing the uncanny “silence” and awaiting their promised, inevitable demise with great trepidation.
The darkness threatens to sever the conflicting lines that compose them, even more so as the End approaches. The lines strain as dimensional gateways are torn open around them, inconsistencies growing and becoming more apparent in their form. The “silence” around them grows deeper, more visceral, more intense, until it finally crescendos and… nothing changes. They persist, still threatened by the state of their contradictory being. In this moment, they are met with an echoing force, reflecting the energy of their own visage and are met with overwhelming dismay - a stark reminder of what they are, a flawed and broken entity that is forced to not only be, but to endure the anticipation of a turbulent existence.
The tension snaps, reverberating throughout the Niil’s form, and their domain. It swells and furrows and a great cacophony thunders throughout the realm, disturbing the oppressive tranquility within. The noise heightens and the inhabitants are forced to conjoin with it, a choir of dissonance, compelled to announce their disturbed being to the world. The fragment of the Mind must be used to discern the state of what came before and what will come after the Niil’s existence. Another paradoxical surge ceases the reverberation and the mirage of the Niil’s troubled visage ceases to be, as it willfully continues to persist in order to reach that “before and after” state of being it apparently once held before its conception - nothingness - the End.


(pronounced “TIN-il”)

The lattice, a great field of points and interconnected lines, is condensed and compressed into a compact surface of pure oscillation - a wave - billowing and surging in reaction to the movements of the other points that surround it. All entities bound to this rippling mass of particles move in tandem with one another, in perfect disturbance, anticipating any inciting action and eager to react to it. To this entity, nothing brings about greater excitement outside of the potential of being moved by an external force and so they await for this external force to come, indefinitely.


Despite being different in terms of outward appearance when compared to the rest of the Anlytha, they are still composed of the same non-material. But instead of rigid surfaces being generated by greater distance between lines and points, they are instead formed by the shortest possible line between points - a dynamic field of quanta. Being entities of potential, they function as a single part of an entire wave and do not resist to move in tandem with it. Intruding upon this collective wave of flux is not immediately disruptive, but once put into action, the energy within the system builds exponentially leading to the return of a great wave of energy that merges with the intruding entity’s quanta and scatters it as the wave settles once again.


09. [Sigil] of Will.png
The Axis of Will [ Purpose  Abeyance ]

Tnil want nothing more than to exert their energetic will. Almost bursting from this energetic potential, they act in direct accordance to the whims of the realm, eager to flow along the waves of the tapestry without resistance. As they and their domain functions as the “surface” of Anlytha, they’re on constant standby, behaving as not only the “perceptive field,” but also as the “protective hull” and “neutralizer” of those that seek to reach and disrupt the Aril. They constantly teeter on the edge of excitability and impatience, not wanting to wait to jump into action. However, they are unable and unwilling to act on their own accord, as they’re heavily dependent upon (at least) one, compelling inciting force that will push them forward, unleashing a chain reaction that threatens to rupture the entirety of the domain itself.
As they are used toward the end goal of the Aril’s desire, they become increasingly more volatile, so much so, that their figure starts to become highly amorphous and indistinguishable from the ether that surrounds them. Soon, their figures converge and come to resemble the labyrinthian, multi-layered grid of the tapestry itself, a fluid network, moving and rippling in accordance with the energetic movement of the system. When the system ceases, so too does the means of reaching that desired state of infinite usefulness and utility, where they instead reach a state of great dismay - absolute abeyance, the indefinite suspension of potential.
In their state of listlessness, their potential energy begins to overflow and the points they’re composed of begin to disperse, the latent connection binding these points decreasing in strength. Soon, they become nothing more than a fine mist, a field of particles that circumvents interactive forces, instead of directly reacting to them. To restore their typically dynamic and sprightly form, the Mind fragment is required, specifically, to give them awareness of their own subjective experience, temporarily creating a degree of autonomy. The Tnil would then reassemble itself from the drifting mass of disconnected particles and enable the others to follow suit, enacting a cascade of reformation. After this incomprehensible feeling of drive and motivation subsides and they would all stand stalwart, eager and ready to react to the next wave of action.

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