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The Chronology

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The events of Desire, from the inception of the world, to the creation of the Absolutes, the fragments and realms and the astra, as well as their all but inevitable fate - transcendence from their initial state of being and transformation into something greater.

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Violently spiraling from the ether of the unknown, a whirlwind of transient, emergent forms flicker in and out of being, cascading between brilliance and madness. An oppressive nothing stretches beyond, infinitely. A system of absolute disorder and chaos. Enter, a particle - a light - that pierces through the now comparatively tenebrous void and provides reference for itself and for this darkness - this now oppressive something - the Abyss. By reference, this particle is given identity and meaning, and being one of two forces within this strange system, it is proclaimed, by either itself or by the Abyss, to be known as “One.” One persists throughout this state of being for a time only perceived by itself as it is left to ponder the nature of its own existence.



A form of division is required to understand itself and its origins - severance from itself - so that it may accurately reflect upon what it may be. Aware of the forces that are intertwined within itself, they become undone and are organized in accordance to what they are, more specifically, the attributes that they possess. This leads to the identification of three fundamental elements: Space, Time and Void, the three Absolutes of this isolated system - the Cosmos.


The sheer concentration of these fundamental elements gave rise to powerful manifestations in and of themselves. One’s now fragmented perception necessitated the emergence of holistic perception, conduits through which One would be able to intuitively understand. The Absolutes gained a metaphysical layer; an attempt to recover from the severe division the system had just endured. Space generated Body; Time generated Mind; Void generated Soul. These fragments, able to persist and weave themselves between the different Absolutes, allowed One to know more of what it was through a myriad of different perspectives, but in due time, this would prove to be problematic.



The Abyss tightens its grip, placing even further stress upon One, the Absolutes and the newly generated fragments. Everything within the system begins to warp, fragment and shatter to a catastrophic degree. The fragments begin to generate entities representative of themselves and of their respective Absolute, leading to the formation of three different realms. The formation of the realms created a muted “snapping” that whispered the names of these realms, independent of One’s distant, but ever-present will: Yhn, Iyllr and Anlyth.


As the entropic force pushed its way into the system, each realm developed a great, nebulous rift in their forms. They are bisected, while the rift itself is given a point of reference, nullifying its state of nothingness to become something more - a sinister “middle” layer between the others. The remains of One, a mass of light in the very core of the world, continues to desperately exert its will upon the system of which it has now lost control. Within these nine domains, entities composed of consciousness emerge from the elemental web to claim dominion over the world.


Enter, astra - the celestial forms, born from the will and the comparatively,

incomparable might of the central star.



The astra persist through the world, behaving in accordance to their inherent nature. Those closest to the central star, whom they’ve proclaimed to be “O,” the recognizable shape of this majestic object in the sky, seek to claim it as their own.


The others that reside “at the bottom” of the realm are ignorant of O’s light and ward off the pressure from the negative force that seems to surround them, unwittingly trapped in a bedlam state from which they can never move.


The beings found in the blackened rift carry out the will of the Abyss, whilst being driven to tap into a nebulous inner light found within themselves - all nothing more than an illusion.


The dynamics and causal events in the system led to the destruction and subsequent rebirth of many astra. It has also spurred their growth and evolution. The ones that endure the hardship of existence come to amass great strength and inner balance and as these select few astra strove to achieve inner balance, the more unbalanced the external world became.


The Abyss continued to warp and constrict the system in attempts to completely smother the light of O, while these few astra began to reject their inherent nature in favor of connecting to and harmonizing with the fragments found within all astra and within the world itself. Once the world neared the apex of its annihilation, it was then that at least one astra from each of the nine castes rose to act as an extension of what preceded their existence.

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Whole and complete, their fragments separated no longer, the transcendent astra usher in a world of harmony through a divine, metaphysical mending of all fragmented entities, with them, too, becoming whole. United once again, the world finally comes to an end. Violent, terrifying, beautiful and sublime, the light of O refracts and distorts. A blinding wave of prismatic energy pulses from within, repeatedly, ramping up in speed as the mass is constricted and compressed into an increasingly diminutive form, until it becomes, and continues to become.

The strength of the Abyss, unmatched, begets a muted snapping that reverberates all throughout its being, and there, it begins.



Particles are ejected from the mass with speed and gentle grace. The weight of the Abyss seemingly relents as a field of delicate stars begin to dot the empty space. Unparalleled majesty takes hold of the darkness, where dread and dismay no longer persist from the perspective of the new inhabitants.


Only beauty, wonder and boundless hope.

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