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It is a colorful expanse, detailing the order of a fantastical Cosmos.

Desire is the first part of The Astral Triptych and is required for its progression. To have full context of what will follow, it is recommended that you engage with the written lore, in addition to the short film.




The Chronology

Being -- One is conceived by the contrast of perspectives between itself and nothingness.

Severance -- To understand itself, One splits into three elements: space, time and void.

Division -- Due to the fragments also being created, realms, domains and astra are born.

Ascension -- Astra strive to achieve their desire and in the process achieve inner balance.

Transcendence -- A number of astra transcend existence, uniting all others and begets genesis.

Becoming -- The world transitions into a new frontier, a world of beauty, wonder and hope.

The Laws

The Absolutes -- The three laws of the cosmos, presented together as a whole.

Space -- The physicality, tangibility and ever-expansive breadth of material within the system.

Time -- The change and progression of all events and entities, physical and nonphysical.

Void -- The interconnected tapestry of energy, information and symbolic power.

Fragments -- Extensions of One’s perception; a conduit through which all astra can experience.

Body -- Enables the perception and expression of Space.

Mind -- Enables the understanding and expression of Time.

Soul -- Enables the intrinsic connection to, and the expression of, Void.

The Topology

The Center of the World -- A stellar mass whose light flows through the world, called "O."

Realms & Domains -- Dimensional hierarchies that give rise to and harbor different astra.

Yhn, Realm of Space -- The Spatial dimension of the Yhnmyri.

Domain of Dragons -- Shrill and lacerated, this domain houses the Kyn.

Domain of Serpents -- Cavernous and contorted, this domain houses the Vynr.

Domain of Worms -- Desolate and foul, this domain houses the Synr.

Iyllr, Realm of Time -- The Temporal dimension of the Iyllrithr.

Domain of Fate -- Eventual and dynamic, this domain houses the Byneur.

Domain of Reflection -- Categorical and obscure, this domain houses the Etier.

Domain of Genesis -- Chaotic and emergent, this domain houses the Thyren.

Anlyth, Realm of Void -- The Energetic dimension of the Anlytha.

Domain of Clarity -- Quiet and tranquil, this domain houses the Aril.

Domain of Noise -- Tenebrous and paradoxical, this domain houses the Niil.

Domain of Silence -- Tumultuous and still, this domain houses the Tnil.

The Abyss -- A negative force of oppressive suffocation, that constricts the light of O.

The Astra ‒ Spheres & Castes

Yhnmyri -- Descendants from the Absolute of Space; the sovereign of Body.

Kyn -- The violent, tyrannical and draconian primary caste of Yhn.

The Axis of Power -- The Kyn's inner struggle between domination and submission.

Vynr -- The frail, ambitious and masochistic auxiliary caste of Yhn.

The Axis of Lustration -- The Vynr's inner struggle between perfection and deficiency.

Synr -- The morose, ailing and miserable and tertiary caste of Yhn.

The Axis of Vitality -- The Synr's inner struggle between purity and corruption.

Iyllrithr -- Descendants from the Absolute of Time; the sovereign of Mind.

Byneur -- The discerning, systematic and decisive primary caste of Iyllr.

The Axis of Judgment -- The Byneur's inner struggle between truth of falsehood.

Etier -- The axiomatic, certain and determined auxiliary caste of Iyllr.

The Axis of Conviction -- The Etier's inner struggle between virtue and doubt.

Thyren -- The turbulent, creative and efflorescent tertiary caste of Iyllr.

The Axis of Creation -- The Thyren's inner struggle between emergence and quiescence.

Anlytha -- Descendants from the Absolute of Void; the sovereign of Soul.

Aril -- The essential, convergent and unifying primary caste of Anlyth.

The Axis of Unity -- The Aril's inner struggle between totality and incompletion.

Niil -- The fatalistic, corresponding and contradictory auxiliary caste of Anlyth.

The Axis of Paradox -- The Niil's inner struggle between oblivion and existence.

Tnil -- The docile, abeyant and sprightly tertiary caste of Anlyth.

The Axis of Will -- The Tnil's inner struggle between purpose and abeyance.

Astral Dynamics

Intercaste Relations -- The relationships between the different castes.

The Primary Castes -- Antagonizes their nemesis by overwhelming their tertiary fragment.

Kyn -- Nemesis of the Byneur; disrupts undeveloped Body.

Byneur -- Nemesis of the Aril; disrupts undeveloped Mind.

Aril -- Nemesis of the Kyn; disrupts undeveloped Soul.

The Auxiliary Castes -- Knights of the primary castes; destroys the primary's antagonizer.

Vynr -- Knight of the Kyn; vanquishes Aril.

Etier -- Knight of the Byneur; vanquishes Kyn.

Niil -- Knight of the Aril; vanquishes Byneur.

The Tertiary Castes -- Sentinels of the Abyss; provokes dismay or development in Knights.

Synr -- Wards against the Etier.

Thyren -- Wards against the Niil.

Tnil -- Wards against the Vynr.

The Experience of the Ascendant -- As astra continue to exist, they gain more awareness.

The Ascent -- There are nine levels of awareness, based on the development of their fragments.

The Awakened -- A newly constructed, barely aware, diminutive consciousness.

The Ravenous -- A hungry, belligerent and confused state of awareness.

The Passionate -- Laser-focused and highly aggressive state of awareness; prone to fail.

The Intrepid -- Efficient, forth-right and persevering consciousness.

The Vigilant -- Aware that something may lie beyond their desire once it is achieved.

The Astute -- Envisions a bleak, inevitable future; falls into extended period of dismay.

The Enlightened -- No longer in dismay, sees a future of hope and the cycles of the world.

The Tranquil -- Aware of themselves and all astra, sees beyond the horizons of the world.

The Complete -- They are whole. With mastery of themselves, they usher in the new world.

Destruction -- If an astra's auxiliary fragment is overwhelmed, they are returned to O.

Transcendence -- The fragments an astra possesses conjoin, granting them divine willpower.

Yhnmyri -- They become a singular, all-inclusive unit of spatial mastery.

Kyn -- O is consumed and shared between the other Kyn.

Vynr -- Their central mass is unfurled, revealing their innermost brilliance.

Synr -- Their body becomes a well of purification, cleansing everything in its wake.

Iyllrithr -- They become a paragon and arbiter of time itself.

Byneur -- O experiences the chronology of the world and its creation, from start to finish.

Etier -- A nova scatters light across the world, everything being judged as virtuous.

Thyren -- Abstraction begets an autonomous expression that becomes unto itself, forever.

Anlytha -- They become an energy field that connects all things - a depthless ocean of power.

Aril -- O is symbolically recreated, uniting all entities between one another.

Niil -- They become an infinite loop of gateways, nullifying themselves from the tapestry.

Tnil -- They oscillate with such voracity that they become a wave-field of infinite power.