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I am Branden Singletary.

I am an American creator, focused on the demonstration of meaningful design – deliberate, purposeful construction, rich with context and meaning, executed with wondrous precision.

The goal, and result, of what I design is unified, harmonious synergy between all of the elements that comprise a work.


I opt to exemplify my affinity towards design through Nexumorphic – the totality of my work and reflection of my inner world. It is through Nexumorphic that I may continue to build upon and further refine the heights of what I express, while expanding the bounds of what I can express, supported by a foundation that only continues to solidify.


Over the course of Nexumorphic’s development, I’ve come to sharpen a myriad of skills – from website aesthetics, concept art, writing, and illustration, to the aesthetics of printed material, merchandise, publication layouts, and long-form video content.


It is here that I will continue to demonstrate my own purpose, that is, to design. And it is through this that I aim to inspire others to realize and demonstrate their own.


Want to talk? Email me here: