All projects begin with contact! Send me a general idea of your project and what you are looking to be made.


It is also here that we will discuss your budget and how I would be able to help you.



Should I choose to accept your project (I retain the right to refuse any project as I see fit), a 50% down payment of the project price will be required to begin work on the project.


The down payment is non-refundable after the initial concept has been approved. Please see my cancellation policy below for further details.



After receiving the 50% down payment, you will email me full details about the piece, including any references you wish to include. With this, I will begin drafting the piece.



I will present one rough sketch that is primarily used establishing the composition and pose.


Upon accepting the base sketch, I will add more details (often shading/value details for illustrations, and line refinement and color samples for designs). At this stage, everything will be alterable and adjustable upon request.


Should the initial draft be accepted, I will move into the Creation phase.



Upon reaching the Creation stage, the 50% down payment becomes non-refundable. During this stage, I will continue to check in with you to ensure that everything is heading in the direction you would like for it to head in.

  • Should you request to alter the base concept of the drawing at any stage during Creation, this will be considered a revision and you will be charged an additional $60* fee. This fee must be paid in full before any additional work for your project continues.



Upon reaching the stage of Completion, you will be presented a sample of the finalized work.


You will not be able to request for any revisions to the base concept at this stage, but you may still request minor changes and tweaks.


Should there be no further changes required, the project will be complete. In order to receive the finalized work, you are required to send the other 50% of payment and you will not receive the finalized work until payment is received.

* The prices and fees will vary depending

on the overall demands of the project.


The base price for a project is a flat rate of $300.


The final price of your requested project will vary depending on the requirements of the project, its general complexity and the work and expertise required for me to work towards its completion.

Payments are sent through invoice, in which you may pay through your preferred method. Open accepting the commission, you are required to pay 50% of the price upfront, and upon completion, pay the other 50% to receive the completed work.

Upon payment, you will receive the final version file(s) for your project.


On average, you can expect the completion of a project to be within 1-2 weeks after accepting the project, often no less than 1 week.


How long a project takes ultimately depends on what needs to be done in regards to technical complexity, my current workload, and how quickly communication may occur. Depending on the complexity and necessities of the project, the time frame towards completion may take longer.


Through email, I respond within 24 hours, but should you wish to communicate through faster means, I'm open to alternatives.


You may cancel your project at any time and for any reason. If I have begun work at the Creation stage or after, you will receive a full-sized PNG or JPG of the project at the point of cancellation.

Once I've begun the Creation stage, the 50% down-payment for the project becomes non-refundable. You will be notified prior to reaching this stage of the project, in case you would like to cancel the project before it becomes non-refundable.

Revision fees are non-refundable.

Aspire towards meaningful design.