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It is a philosophical work of metafiction called Metaforma.

Metaforma places the reader at the center of a world. This world unfolds, starting from an abstract, geometric origin, before reaching into a magnificent infinity.



It is a foundation.

It is the core for all of my future works.

It is Desire, refined.


It is a construction.

It is a self-contained world.

It is built from the ground up and expressed in a straight line.

It is path that aids the creation of my new, narrative paths.

It is a tool for description, interpretation, and reflection.

It is a work of design, addressing the problem of a lack of cohesion within...

  • my own perspective,

  • my own personal knowledge, and

  • the worlds that I build


It is a description.

It is an image of our shared world.

It is a map of worldly patterns and how they move.

It is a collection of observations, placed in sequential order.

It is not meant to retell the events of our universe.

It is meant run alongside our world, as a reference.


It is a vision.

It is work of personal significance.

It is an homage to our shared universe.

It is my own, expressed bond to this world.

It is made to inspire others to realize where they are.

It is made to inspire others' expression of the universe.

It is made to connect...

  • myself to this world,

  • others to this world, to themselves, and

  • others to one another

For each other.

For the world.


Splendor awaits.