Branden Singletary

Designer and creator, focused on deliberate, purposeful construction, executed with wondrous precision.

This is achieved through Nexumorphic.


Nexumorphic is a sturdy, creative ground where I can build a reflection of our world through a unique intersection of visual design, philosophy, and storytelling.


With this, we may come to better understand our world in relation to ourselves and how we can better align to it, as well as each other.

Nexumorphic, a world unto itself, is designed to be explored, cherished, and created.


By others, with others, for others.

Over the course of development, I've acquired a refined set of skills. These skills include:






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web design

concept art & illustration

creative writing

print & merchandise design

publication design

video production

Through these skills, I've been featured in a number of publications:

Cosmic Horror Monthly  [2022]

The FLUX Review, Edition 5  [2021]

Wingspan Literary Magazine  [2019 - 2021]

Inside Artists, Issue 19  [2021]

It is through my ability that I may continue to help others realize their own world, and to inspire them to reflect it in their own unique way.

And through this, the same may be achieved for you, too.